Rolling Medical Carts Compared (plus a Special Buyer's Guide)

While the rolling out of EMR/EHR mandates in the United States has brought about some positive change within the healthcare community, there still exists some serious growing pains among caregivers and practitioners. Many factors come into play when discussing the dissatisfaction surrounding EMR/EHR, but one topic that always seems to find a way to rear its head is hardware and equipment...

Memory Loss and Memory Care in the 65+ Community

America’s population is aging at a rapid pace. According to the HHS Administration on Aging, almost 15 percent of the US population is 65 or older. In some communities, the rate of aging is even higher. It is projected that over the next decade the overall number of Americans 65 or older will double. It is also projected that the much older population of 85+ will triple from 6.3 million in 2015 to 14.6 million in 2040...

CASESTUDY | Delivering on a Tablet Registration Cart for Northwestern Medicine

The Innovation Department Staff at Northwestern Medicine had a momentous task at hand—they needed to create a new type of tablet registration cart for their Emergency Department. The department had unique tablet deployment needs, but did not have any existing solutions that could accommodate these needs. They required a remedy, one that could not only assist in registration and documentation but be small, mobile, and long lasting...

CASESTUDY | The Mobile Cart that Offers Interpretation Services, Data Entry, and Medical Instruments in One Package

As a trusted partner First Healthcare Products was called on to develop a custom mobile interpreter cart solution for the pediatric unit of a major Children’s Hospital in Chicago. The pediatric team was asking for a new solution that would help them more efficiently serve, diagnose, and engage their diverse young patients with language interpretation needs. They needed a solution to not only facilitate interpretation and documentation but other clinical functions as well...

CASESTUDY | Helping one of the largest US Dialysis chains with tablet deployment

One of the largest Dialysis Treatment Chains in the US had a unique problem. They wanted to suspend hands free tablets near patients without adding equipment that would take up floor space. Being a long term partner, First Healthcare Products was called on to assist with this new challenge. To meet all the requirements the solution needed to attach to many different types of equipment and shelves, be easily cleaned and hold up to constant clinic use...

Trailer Park Boys: 15 Dark Behind-The-Scenes Secrets

Last time we checked in with our favorite coterie of Canadian hooligans and their hit show, Trailer Park Boys, we took a look at some surprising trivia on the boys as well as a slew of running jokes that fans can’t help but quote. Now it’s time to shift gears toward a topic that’s a little more seamy and controversial in nature. Like how every trailer park hides within it a dirty mess or two (think back to Bubbles’ shed in season one), so too do the Trailer Park Boys hide a few behind-the-scenes

Get Freaky in New Jersey with 'Atlantic City Character Study'

“Why would you want to buy a place in Atlantic City if you don’t like the underbelly,” asks the woman bluntly to the camera. She lies sprawled out on a hotel bed gripping a wine bottle in one hand. Shoes on, legs crossed, head propped up—she continues to rattle off unapologetically. “If you don’t like the Bonnie and Clydes, if you’re afraid to go to the super market, if you’re afraid to walk out at night?”

Just (Just) What I Need Now: Tei Shi’s Dazzling Single “Justify”

Every blue moon or two, a sonic miracle strolls its way into my life.  A pop song of mind-boggling proportions materializes out of thin air, demands my full and undivided attention, and then rouses within me my musical Mr. Hyde. I become a proselytizing madman — doing everything in my ability to spread the word, spread the sound, spread the hype.  It happened once with Jocelyn Alice’s “Jackpot,” more recently with Beyoncé’s “Hold Up,” and now it’s happening again (full-swing) with Tei Shi’s “Justify".

Chance the Rapper Breaks Barriers in 'Mr. Happy' | Monologue Blogger

With the recent advent of the deep web (where it has become possible for anyone with enough pocket change and internet savvy to get their hands on just about anything- illegal or immoral), it should come as no surprise the concept of a website that offers up assisted suicides to those desperate and world-weary enough to pay up. In Colin Tilley’s gloomy fictional short Mr. Happy, Chance the Rapper plays the role of one of these websites’ newest customers, and soon finds he signed up for more than

A Road Map For When You Lose Yourself 'In The Pines' | Monologue Blogger

An off-putting hybrid of naturalistic imagery, extraterrestrial undertones, and answering machine soliloquys- In The Pines is a short film directed by Christopher Caldwell and Zeek Earl about an individual’s pursuit for evidence of alien life. Just to clarify here: this isn’t your typical UFO-laden, ray gun-toting, Invasion of the Body Snatchers type of extraterrestrial film. In The Pines is all about subtleties, undercurrents, and clever experimentation with popularized alien tropes, like the

'Otherhalf' is a Nutty, Unique Tale of Heartbreak and Body Ache | Monologue Blogger

Romantic breakups are notorious for how swiftly they can rend the hearts of those involved, but in Ben West’s offbeat short film Otherhalf, the separation isn’t just limited to the heart- it’s a full body affair. Otherhalf wastes nearly no time at all getting to the core premise of the film, which is enticingly zany the instant it is revealed. Beginning in a finely-furnished marital and family affairs office, our nameless main character and his off-screen significant other are being walked thro

Queens Duo, Punskription Packs Smart Style in New EP ‘Native Brains: Foreign Hearts’

Strapped with swooping sawtooth synths, crisp electro hi-hats, and disillusioned daydreams that could only possibly stem from long hours trapped inside a cubicle- Punskription’s newest EP Native Brains: Foreign Hearts is a wild ride into the heads of P. Cruz and Pete the Lone Lobo. A hip-hop duo based out of Queens, NY, Punskription rocks a style combining the lyrically-conscious content of rappers like Talib Kweli (e.g. “I can’t believe I live in present times/Ten years past 2005/It’s still a c
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